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Over the decades, the corporate sector has shown significantly increased interest in engaging their employees cognitively as well as physically in their respective role performances and reducing the levels of dissociating their selves from their work. The imperativeness of an inspirational and enriching work atmosphere has led to the corporate society and entrepreneurs to seek ways to furnish themselves with ways to achieve the same.

ISOL Research Foundation is a humble yet determined effort on a global platform to enrich the corporate and business world with an ever-growing and a sustainable work environment. It aims to deepen the identification of the individuals with their organizations through an in-depth process of imbibing them with the zeal to lead, emphasizing trust and honest relationships with their fellow workers through a well established faith network.

To transform the vision into a reality, ISOL Research Foundation has recognized three centers under its wing, namely, ISOL Center for Integral Healing, ISOL Center for Consciousness Studies and Vedic Foundations of Indian Management.

To build a reservoir of an integration of conscious based and indigenous management education, ISOL Research Foundation adopts an inter-disciplinary research based approach. It envisages being a research institution carrying out researches aimed at shaping pathways to design a sustainable and harmonious corporate culture and equip them with managerial practices reflecting a fair balance of integrated knowledge and ethical behavior.

The inter-disciplinary perspective includes Indian philosophies ranging from Vedic and Sanskrit Studies, Science, Mathematics, Literature, Linguistics to Art and Sculpture contribute in incorporating the contemporary system of corporate world providing them with a fresh new outlook to progress and develop in the process. The major attempt is to bring out relevant and constructive insights from the ancient Indian wisdom traditions and develop integrated management models in the light of the current practices to help organizations comprehend individual minds and promote authentic leadership further implying an overall augmentation.



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